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Farabi International Award launch its 9th period

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At a press conference held on March 13, 2017, the Secretary of Farabi International Award, Dr. Sayed Zia' Hashemi officially announced the launch of  9th annual FIA.

Referring to the presence of the president Rouhani in Award giving ceremony of the 8th FIA, as well as announcing the mission of Islamic and Humanities sciences, he assessed positive the achievements of the 8th FIA that creating the link between scholars of the humanities era and the award-winners under the title of "elite's network" can be mentioned. 

Deputy Minister for social and culture recalls the maturity of FIA among the scholars of Islamic and humanities sciences, managers and policy-makers in the science domain and says this gained trust is Indebted to the scientific accuracy and consensus in selecting the tops scholars, sympathy among the knowledge companions in order to develope Islamic and Humanities sciences and efforts to its promotion by the main owners of the FIA, that is all scholars and selected researchers.

"regardless of non-diplomatic climate against Iran during the recent months, all the non-Iranian selected researchers presented at the ceremony and received their awards from the president" Hashemi said. He stated that the with the link between Iranian and foreign selected researchers in every edition, FIA has the ability to develop the scientific diplomacy.

The secretary of FIA, announced the Strengths of the 8th FIA comparing to the previous years, such as the presence of university professors in scientific committees and digitalization of the research works submission. He also refers to some of the goals of 9th FIA that is promoting the cooperation with some common scientific and mutual areas with seminary, organized cooperation with scientific departments of top universities, associations and other scientific institution such as research centers, seminaries and international centers, criticism of selected research works and those had been reached to the semi-final phase.

"All this measures will be done with the purpose of using the FIA secretariat capabilities as a base of humanities and Islamic elites in order to solve the community problems and reinforcement of the culture of research, discourse and mobility of research" Hashemi said.

The secretary of FIA invited all the scholars to submit their research works (such as completed research proposals, books, doctoral dissertations and M.A. thesis) through the following web page:


The deadline will be May 21, 2017

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