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The overall goal of Farabi International Award is to strengthen potentials, pay enough attention to the necessity of knowledge production in accordance with the local needs of the leading Islamic community, and build motivational and supportive capacities for research and innovation.

In conformity with the latter goal, two sets of concrete and longitudinal goals are mentioned briefly here:

  • Macro and Long-term Goals
  • Paving the ground for the production of local Islamic and Iranian knowledge;
  • Creating a positive attitude towards Humanities in the country and the necessity of its application in explaining human phenomena;
  • Introducing the role of Humanities in the production in the development of human knowledge, management of societies, and building civilization in the  past and present;
  • Representing the scientific capabilities of Iran and the Islamic world in the field of Islamic Humanities;
  • Helping to explain the importance, function, and effective role of Humanities in national and international planning and policymaking processes.

  • Micro and short-term Goals

  • Providing favorable conditions to encourage and guide young talents to conducts studies and researches in the field of Islamic Humanities;

  • Contributing to the application of Humanities by identifying the most important issues in the Iranian society and the Islamic world;

  • Identifying and introducing top talents in the field of Islamic Humanities in order to benefit from their potentials in developing the boundaries of knowledge.

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