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July 15, Deadline for Participation in the Eighth Farabi International Award

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Saying that the call for participation at the Eighth Farabi International Award has started, the Head of the Award Secretariat added, “A maximum of 35 winners are predicted to receive awards at this festival,” the Information and Advertising Department of the Secretariat of the Eight Farabi International Award reported

Referring to the seven Farabi International Awards held before, Dr. Hosein Mirzaei said, “We are on the eve of the eighth Award and the measurements necessary for holding this award, which were approved by the Board of Ministers and the Award’s Policymaking Council, started last winter.”

Saying that the call for sending works in the field of Humanities for participation at the Award started on May 21, he added, “The deadline for professors, researchers, and students of Humanities to send their works is July 21.”

Pointing out the features of the Eighth Farabi International Award, Mirzaei said, “All the works that will take part in the Award, including research projects, doctoral dissertations, and master's theses, will be received in digital form and through the Award’s electronic system.”

Regarding works that are books, he said, “Since authors do not have the book files, they are asked to send the original books to the Award Secretariat after registering their names and loading the table of contents and book covers on the Award’s website.”

Saying that the Award would be held by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology and in collaboration with UNESCO, ISESCO, and Iran’s National Elites Foundation, Head of the Award Secretariat added, “The Minister of Science is the Head of the Award and the Deputy Minister of Science for Cultural Affairs is its Secretary, and its permanent Secretariat is located at the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies.”

He went on to say that the Award consisted of the two Adult (professors) and Young (researchers under the age of 35) sections, adding, “In this Award, winners in the categories of the Superior Translator, Veteran Researcher in Humanities, Leading Figures in the Field of Humanities who have passed away, but their works are still relevant, Superior Research-Scientific Journal, and Superior Scientific Forum will be introduced.”

Stressing that more attention is paid to the international section in this award, Mirzaei said, “Therefore, international researchers’ works, especially those about Iranology and Islamic Studies, will be received. Furthermore, with the consultations done with international research centers and the International Department of the Islamic Relations Organization, we are trying to receive and consider more international works.”

Talking about how the works submitted to the Secretariat of the Farabi Award are judged, the Head of the Secretariat said, “In this Award, works in the fields of Language and Literature, History, Geography and Archeology, Social Sciences and Communications, Political Science, International Relations and RegionalStudies, Economics, Management and Accounting, Law, Education, Psychology, Behavioral Science and Physical Education, Philosophy, Theology, Ethics, Religions and Mysticism, Jurisprudence, Principles of the Qur'an and Hadith, Art and Aesthetics, Information Technology, Library Science, Study of the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini, will be evaluated.”

He went on to say that all the works submitted to the Eighth Farabi International Award should belong to the period of March 2012 till the end of February 2015.

“We will still try to launch the country's Network of Humanities Elites in this festival,” Mirzaei highlighted.

Saying that excellent researches on Humanities and Islamic Studies are the main focus of the Farabi Award, Mirzaei added, “The Award will be held with the aim of identifying and introducing top talents in the field of Humanities and Islamic sciences, introducing top works and superior ideas, and promoting the production, enhancement, and localization of Humanities in Iran and the world.”

With reference to the number of Award winners, the Head of the Secretariat said, “Based on the basic policies of the Award, 35 selected works in various sectors will be praised at end of it which will be during the Research Week in December.”

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